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A company has approached the City about installing a Carousel in St. Armands Circle Park.  As presented to Association Board Members, it would not be a stand-alone Carousel:  it would be in a fenced off area with other attractions such as swing sets, see-saws, and selfie booths.  An electric train that traverses the perimeter of the park was also part of the proposal.  It was originally proposed that the Carousel and other attractions could be taken away to make room for the other regular events that are held in the park (e.g. art festivals, car and boat shows, etc...), but we now understand that it is intended to be a fixed attraction.

Our Association Board voted unanimously to not support a Carousel in Circle Park for many reasons, but primarily because of the expected impact on traffic and pedestrian safety, especially on beach days in-season when many consider the Circle roadways to already be impassable.  In fact, the City already has a Special Events Ordinance (see link) which controls the frequency and intensity of events allowed at the Circle Park for this very same reason!  It is our understanding that the Carousel promoter is arguing that the Carousel be considered a "fixed attraction" instead of a "special event" for the purpose of avoiding the provisions of this ordinance.

Here are links to some relevant information and communications in chronological order:

May 2021

Flyer inviting Lido residents (not St. Armands residents) to a community meeting to discuss the Carousel, to be held at the St. Armands Lutheran Church.  Fortunately, St. Armands residents were eventually informed about the meeting one week before and several were able to attend.

2021 Member Survey Results

92% oppose a Carousel--along with additional attractions such as swings, see-saws, an electric train, and selfie-booths--all in a fenced-off area located in the St. Armands Circle Park (n=125)

82% oppose a stand-alone Carousel (without any of the additional attractions) in St. Armands Circle Park (n=125)

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