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The City of Sarasota has three voting Districts, and St. Armands Key is located in the City's District 2 (which includes much of downtown and all other coastal neighborhoods) per the map of the City shown below.  Every four years, on Election Day, voters in each of the three districts vote for just their own District City Commissioner (next time in 2024).  And every four years, but staggered by two years from when we vote for the District City Commissioners, all City residents vote for two "At Large" City Commissioners (next time in 2026).  City Commission races are non-partisan and are preceded by a primary to narrow the field.  Click here to view our current City Commissioners.


The entire City of Sarasota is in the County's District 2. So, on St. Armands Key, we are in both the City's District 2 and the County's District 2.  City residents vote for a County District 2 Commissioner on the same years that we vote for our "At Large" City Commissioners (next time in 2026).  The County election is a partisan race preceded by Republican and Democrat primaries.  Click here to view our current County Commissioners.


To look up State elected officials, you can use this link to enter your address and see who they are.  Some parts of Sarasota County may be in different State districts than others.

In-Person Voting

Our typical in-person voting location is at the St. Armands Key Lutheran Church.

Absentee Ballots

Many St. Armands residents travel in the summer and are away during the August primary election and/or the November general election.  But, the US Postal Service is not allowed to forward ballots in the mail.  Residents must contact the Sarasota County Supervisor of Elections Office to have them directly mail the ballot to an alternate address.  You can do this in-person at the Terrace Building downtown at 101 S Washington Blvd (Rt 301), or by requesting a form online (click here) that you can then sign, scan, and email back.

City District Map

At the September 18, 2023, Regular City Commission Meeting, Commissioner Jen Ahearn-Koch relayed the following stats about how the City of Sarasota compares to Sarasota County:

    • The City has 3% of the County's land mass
    • The City has 13% of the County's population
    • The City generates 26% of the County's revenue
    • St. Armands Circle is the #1 tourist destination in the entire County

(link to transcript, scroll to 11:49:00)

Note:  A December 3, 2023 email from the City Manager refers to a 2021 American Community Survey data for Census Tract 7 (Lido, including St. Armands, and Bird Key) showing an estimated total population of 2,974 with a +/-624 margin of error.

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